Few Things To Consider Before Travelling To Bali

Bali has been a famous tourist place as there are basic to five-star hotels, offering the best packages. Though the public transport rarely exists, you’ve taxi or cabs as alternative for moving around.

If you’re booking through a company or service, they can arrange everything, ranging from accommodation to travelling options. You can find accommodation houses that offer you best service. Bali is an island paradise, but you need to be careful to get back with good memories, no disease or injuries. The best services and packages by Mandala Airlines promo to Bali effectively attracts consumers, but you need to be careful to get the most of your vacation.

Season, Climate

Bali’s temperature ranges from 5 to 10 degrees (South) below the equator; the climate would be cool most of the year and rainy season falls between Nov and April. The monsoon season would last for some hours, making for greener nature all around.


In Bali, one can find well-equipped health care centers, offering outpatient and emergency services to help foreign tourists. Though there are international hospitals, it’s suggested to carry travel insurance to cover those loss, theft or medical issues. You can ask the tour operator about the insurance and other medical expense options.

There is a number of health risks associated with Bali, such as diarrhea, or Bali Belly and if you take a wrong route, you might have to face money attack as well. Drink enough water to prevent getting heatstroke and ensure to drink bottled or canned water, not tap water.

Getting Around

Carry photocopy of your essential documents, such as credit card details, airline tickets, passport, and traveler’s checks, so that they come handy during the event of loss. You can hire vehicle, provided you’re 18 or above and if you’ve international driver’s license. Clothes made up of natural fibers, such as linen or cottons are most comfortable in humid weather, while casual and light attires can be most practical. Pack even sunscreen to protect your skin from harsh UV rays. A sunglass and hats are also helpful around afternoon, when the tropical sun rays are strong.

General Safety

Here are few other things that you need to pay attention for smooth tour experience and to prevent local fake pass. Despite crowd of travelers visiting Bali throughout the year, staying safe isn’t that easy. Hotel entering/breaking, snatch-theft, chaotic, and other such incidents are known to occur. You should know the laws and regulations in the state; smoking in public areas is against the law and ensure not to fag in public areas, such as tourist attractions, temples, hotels and restaurants.

Beware of Unscrupulous Money Exchangers

If you’re looking forward to exchanging currency, then be careful about dishonest currency changers; instead go to reputable banks or try to withdraw money from your bank account or credit. You can also take from hotels, provided they are offering the same exchange rates as banks or currency changers.

Know the do’s and don’ts to avoid these problems and stay healthy during your visit to the island

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