3 Useful Air Travel Tips For Long Flights

Traveling is a good idea, but it is very tough to travel in a long haul flight. But still, some people enjoy long-haul flights. Some journeys come to an end within the blink of an eye, while others drag on and on.

Here are some useful travel tips that will help you during long hours of flight journey:

Sit in the Back:

It is always advised to book seats long before your journey. The earlier you book, you get better seat. This should be done without any reminder. If in case you don’t get a favourite seat, then always go for the back. There is no doubt that it’ll be a bit noisier, but you may end up with an empty seat beside you.

Request for a Special Meal:

Food is one of the easy ways to make long journey tolerable. An interesting fact is that they are free in most of the flights. As the name suggests, special meals are superior and you will be served first. Most of the standard flights charge really high in terms of price on simple dishes and do lack in fiber. Always order fiber-rich foods like raw almonds and fresh fruits.

Drink Enough Water:

A journey in a flight means dehydration. So, stay hydrated and take enough water on the day before your journey, the day of journey, in the flight and also after that.

Never forget to bring your own water bottle. Fill it up before boarding or ask a flight attendant to fill it up during the journey. Keep in mind to stretch your body when you are awake because you may get cramps during the long hours of journey. Find time to walk near the bathroom area in order to stretch your legs.

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